3-in-1 Edge Brush


These edge control brushes are made of plastic, have soft bristles, are lightweight and durable, non-toxic, and the edges of the brush are soft, will not harm the skin, and can provide you with long-term service. These double-sided edging brushes can be used to brush the eyebrows, smooth the edges of the hair and eyebrows, clean the baby's hair or on the temples.

3-in-1 double-sided edge styling brush with a flat ending used to evenly smear the adhesive glue. Our edge brush has a soft bristle brush and a fine-tooth comb for the benefit of two. Simply apply your edge control and gently style it and shape your edges according to your liking using the soft brush. For smoother and more precise sections, use the fine-tooth comb.

  • White
  • Purple Sold Out
  • Black Sold Out
  • Royal Blue Sold Out
  • Pink Sold Out
  • Hot Pink