Vendor Lists

£3.25 - £4.25

Hair Care & Hair Vendors (Hair Care, Bonnets, Durags, human hair wig, bundles and frontals/closures- Brazilian, Peruvian & more.)
Lash Vendor (15mm, 20mm, 23mm, 25mm lashes & packaging)
Accessories Vendor (Jewellery, Sunglasses)
Graphic Designers & Packaging (logos, website design, cartoons, flyers- any marketing posters)
Clothing Vendors (womanswear, boutique vendors, printed/custom clothing)
Cosmetic vendors (make your own makeup, makeup equipment, etc)
On these lists you’ll find the contact information to the vendors (suppliers) that provide the following products at wholesale price.
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Due to this item being a download, refunds are NOT permitted. If you have trouble downloading your files please use the email provided or DM us on instagram @clxcbcollection .

  • Graphic Designer & Packaging List
  • Hair care & hair vendors
  • Lash vendors
  • Jewellery/Sunglasses vendors
  • Clothing vendors
  • Cosmetic vendors